Who we are

Microcore by Zefiro Srl

Zefiro SRL, the company that sells and distributes Microcore® products, was founded in 2014 by a team of entrepreneurs who have garnered extensive international experience in the pharmaceutical and managerial spheres.

Marco Rossi, one of the original founders and currently CEO, has matured more than two decades of experience as a management and market strategy advisor in Italy, Spain, UK, North America and France. In 2010 he founded Pharmentis, a pharmaceutical start-up that was sold to third-party investors following an initial start-up and development phase. Rossi is also currently on the board of a mid cap Italian pharmaceutical company, and a founding partner of the consulting company GR Advisory.

Gianluigi Botturi, Sales Director for Zefiro, has fulfilled various different marketing and managerial roles within the pharmaceutical sector. Starting in 2008 he has collaborated with the creation and development of new entrepreneurial initiatives, first in Italy and later in Europe, Japan and the United States, with a particular focus on dermatology and plastic surgery, areas within which he currently works as an advisor to innovative startups.

Microcore® products and technologies were designed, created and developed in Italy, with scientific support from doctors Celestino and Federica Ronchi with Delim Cosmetics&Pharma SRL.