Microcore technology

Microcore (Micro Constant Release) are two new technologies designed for
administering active pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic elements.
Both technologies are covered by patents.

Micro Constant Release

Microcore Spray Technological platform

Microcore Spray is a patented technology which consists of a hydro alcohol-based emulsion containing one or more active molecules micro-encapsulated in hydrogenated liposomes.

This kind of micro-emulsion can be:

  • Nebulized (aerosolized) within regular clothing, allowing the liposomes to attach to clothing fibers (both natural and synthetic). This permits the transdermal release of active ingredients directly through the skin in a controlled manner; in other words in such a way as to guarantee a gradual, constant and continuous release over time.
  • Nebulized directly on the skin, paired with application of Micro Co.Re. film/gel. In this case, after having spread the emulsion on the affected skin area, apply a thin layer of the film/gel. This “fixes” the liposomes and guarantees gradual transdermal release of the active ingredients. This paired format makes it possible to create kits (spray + film/gel) that are particularly useful for highly effective, high-level cosmetic treatments.

The main advantages of the Micro Co.Re. Spray technology are:

  • Recharging and adjusted dosage options guarantee constant and correct availability of active ingredients
  • Effective results
  • No grease, no stains, odorless
  • Non-invasive, simple and immediate recharging system
  • Full freedom of choice for which clothing to spray and wear

Microcore Spray, all products:

Microcore Film Technological platform

Microcore film is a technological platform for the topical administration of active ingredients formulated within a preparation that combines the action enhancers of phospholipids with a hydrosoluble polymer solution.

The product comes in the form of transparent, thin and flexible film which ensures perfect adhesion to the skin. After its application, Microcore film gradually dissolves thus guaranteeing the continuous and controlled release of active ingredients micro-encapsulated in liposomes.

Different pharmaceutical forms available and potential applications of Micro Co.Re. film are:

  • Flexible cutaneous film: this format is suitable for the preparation of cutaneous patches.
  • Gel-dried solutions: This alternative makes it possible to spread the solution directly on the skin where, once it has solidified, it forms a film that permits long-term release of the active ingredient being administered.
  • Edible film for sub-lingual or buccal administration: for drugs or food supplements where active ingredients are absorbed directly and faster into the bloodstream without being metabolized through the digestive system and liver.

Microcore Film, all products:

Clinically tested product

All products have been tested on volunteers under the supervision of a dermatologist and other, scientifically qualified supervisors, following approved clinical protocols designed to exclude any potentially irritating effects and evaluate the product’s effectiveness.

In accordance with current legislation (Basic Council Directive N° 76/768/EEC, ECL.262, VI and VII Amendment Council Directive 76/768 EEC, ECL.151) all safety and effectiveness tests and controls have been performed without the use of animals.

In accordance with current legislation, all Microcore products don’t contain class 1A nor 1B CMR (Carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances).