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Zefiro Srl, (hereinafter also “Zefiro”), with registered office in Milan, Via San Giovanni sul muro 18, VAT no. 08434210962 PEC address is the owner of the website www.microcore.it, which it updates and manages directly. The site has as a primary objective the dissemination of information on and online sales of cosmetic and non-pharmaceutical products for health and well-being. Here it is specified that the advice, indications and suggestions provided by pharmacists through the site and telephone or chat services are not intended as substitutes for diagnosis or analysis or treatments or other forms of personalized clinical and medical consultation which can and must be requested by the user directly to their doctor. Therefore, what is stated on the site and by pharmacists serves only as a general indication – which may not be suitable for all users – and is not intended as a consultation and personalized advice based on the various health and well-being cases of the individual person.

In addition, the site displays descriptions and characteristics of the products offered for sale and can invite its customers to review their shopping experience.
The documentation, the images, the characters, the artistic work, the graphics, the software and the other contents of the site, and all the codes and online forms to implement the site, are the property of Zefiro or of exclusive right of use by the same.

It is therefore forbidden to copy, modify, upload, download, transmit, publish, or distribute the content or trademarks of the site to third parties for commercial purposes (except for partnership cases regularly agreed and contractually regulated) or for purposes that may prejudice the image of Zefiro Srl.

The site may occasionally offer access links to sites of other entities, organizations, entities or companies: Zefiro cannot be held responsible for their availability, content, products and services offered, nor, even less, for any damage or losses occurred as a result of their use. Furthermore, it is not responsible for the methods and purposes of the collection and processing of personal data by these third parties.

Finally, since the acquisition by the user of any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the site, where permitted, will be carried out at the user’s choice and risk, any responsibility for any damage to computer systems or others electronic and non-electronic devices or data loss resulting from material unloading falls on the user and cannot be attributed to Zefiro.

Zefiro declines all responsibility for any damage deriving from the inaccessibility of the site’s services or from any damage caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, interruptions of the service, cancellation of contents, problems connected to the network, to the providers or to telephone connections and / or telematic, to unauthorized access, to alterations of data, to the failure and / or defective functioning of the electronic equipment of the user.

The user acknowledges that Zefiro is also not to be held responsible for the untruthful information sent directly by the user (example: correctness of the e-mail address or telephone numbers or postal addresses or other personal and non-personal information) , as well as information concerning him and which was provided by a third party, even fraudulently.

The site also provides the user with access to groups created on social networks. For this purpose, it should be noted that users acknowledge their exclusive responsibility for the content sent and for the behaviors undertaken in these contexts, exempting and maintaining harmless Zefiro from any liability and from any harmful effect connected to actions, including legal ones, promoted by anyone, requests for reimbursement of all expenses and requests for compensation for any damage, direct or indirect, suffered as a result of sending the contents.

The user undertakes to strictly adhere to the following rules of behavior:

If the user sends their own material to the site, accepting these conditions of use, he declares and guarantees that he has legitimately acquired the contents and, by sending, expressly authorizes its publication online, assuming all responsibility for they and keeping Zefiro harmless from any complaint complained by any third party regarding the aforementioned contents and their use.

The images of the products in the Zefiro catalog are purely indicative and may therefore not be perfectly representative of the packaging, of the characteristics of the product, differing in color, size or content. Any decorations, gift boxes and objects included in the images for the purpose of presenting the product will not be shipped in orders. The names of the products, the ingredients and the percentages indicated in the descriptions are purely indicative, they could undergo variations or updates by the manufacturing companies. Due to the impossibility of adapting in real time to these updates, the photos and technical information of the products inserted on www.microcore.com may differ from those shown on the label or otherwise disseminated by the manufacturing companies. Zefiro does not guarantee the truthfulness and actuality of the information published and declines any responsibility for errors, omissions or failure to update them. Zefiro assumes no responsibility for damages of any nature that may arise from access to the published information.

By accessing this site and using the tools made available there, the user implicitly accepts the terms and conditions reported here. By accessing this site, the user and Zefiro also agree that the laws and regulations of the Italian state will apply to all matters relating to the use of the website.