Relief for
heavy legs


Promotes smooth
and hydrated skin

The product is a hydro-alcohol-based emulsion containing Diosmine, Hyaluronic Acid and Antarcticine micro-encapsulated in hydrogenated liposomes.

PrincipHyal Cube® is a wide-reaching, new generation hyaluronic acid that’s particularly effective for stimulating the synthesis of elastin, and can guarantee deep permeation and optimal skin hydration.

The product is classified as a cosmetic adjuvant.

At the microcirculatory level, and in capillaries in particular, Diosmin acts by increasing resistance and reducing the vessel permeability while the combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Antarctine ensure optimal skin hydration, skin elasticity and boast scarring and anti-inflammatory properties.

The product is recommended for the treatment of imperfections due to:

  • Blood vessel fragility (ruptured capillaries, varicose veins);
  • Fatigue and swelling of the lower limbs (for people who spend extended periods of time standing or sitting without sufficient movement).

Furthermore, the product can easily be used as part of elastic-compressive therapies (compression stockings/nylons).


Prevents form skin dryness and improves skin firmness.

Hyaluronic Acid

Stimulates collagen production and enhance skin elasticity.


Improves microcirculation and reduce capillary vessels permeability.

PrincipHyal Cube® is a trademark of Roelmi HPC Srl

Microcore Spray Technology

Microcore spray technology microencapsulates the active ingredients of any emulsion in liposomes that attach to the fabric fibers of the most common articles of clothing, both natural and synthetic. Once in contact with the skin, these liposomes favor deep absorption of these active ingredients, releasing them in a specific, controlled manner for at least 8 hours. Unlike normal creams, Microcore guarantees permeation of active ingredients over the course of an entire day (or during the night), without interfering in any way with normal daily activities and guaranteeing maximum results over time, as well as an elasticizing, hydrating effect on skin.


How to use

ZeroGravity can be:

  • Nebulized within regular clothing, allowing the liposomes to attach to clothing fibers. This permits the continuous transdermal release of active ingredients over time.
  • Nebulized directly onto the skin, paired with application of Microcore film/gel. After having spread an emulsion on the affected skin area, apply a thin layer of the film/gel to guarantee transdermal release of the active ingredients.

Clinically tested product

This product has been tested on volunteers under the supervision of a dermatologist and other, scientifically-qualified supervisors, following approved clinical protocols designed to exclude any potentially irritating effects and evaluate the product’s hydrating and elasticity effects, as well as improvements in microcirculation for persons with heavy legs and/or tired legs.